Informazioni sulle proprietà dei Caraibi blu

Blue Caribbean Properties è una boutique immobiliare completa, fondata sull’amore per la Repubblica Dominicana e per le persone che la chiamano casa. Il nostro team è composto da persone altamente qualificate, in grado di gestire tutte le vostre esigenze immobiliari.

La ricerca e l’acquisto di una proprietà internazionale possono sembrare un compito scoraggiante, ma quando avete il team giusto che lavora per voi, il processo diventa un’impresa emozionante nel posto più bello della terra.La vostra intestazione attraente


Conosciamo il settore immobiliare dei Caraibi

With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, we know real estate. We have connections and relationships that span throughout the country, ensuring access to your dream property. International investments require accordance with various legalities and regulations and real estate is no different. We are here to assist you every step of the way. Our agents are well-versed in real estate law and we work directly with a respected law firm, right here in Punta Cana. From initial browsing to closing on your own piece of paradise, you will be in the most capable hands. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Conosciamo l’edilizia

Each of our team members have been heavily involved in real estate development throughout their careers. Our founder also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management and owns a real estate/construction company in the United States. Construction in the Dominican Republic takes on a different role and if you are not in the country, it is imperative that you have someone you can trust to check on the progress of your investment throughout its development. We are experts in this process and we will treat your investment as if it were our own. We will ensure that your property is finished to your expectations and serve as a line of contact between you and the developer. We will be here to answer your questions and advise you throughout the entire process.


From start to finish you will receive personalized, one-of-a-kind service. We know each of our customers is unique and we embrace it. Let us help you find a property that fits your individual style and needs. We also offer furniture and design packages to complete your space and make it a home. If you are looking to turn your investment into a rental property, we also offer assistance with property management. We have been in your shoes and we understand what it is like to be an international buyer. We have learned from those experiences and designed a buying process that is incredibly efficient and enjoyable. No matter what your vision is, we are here to help you make it a reality.