where is punta cana located

Where is Punta Cana?

Don’t you know where Punta Cana is? Surely you have heard many times about this paradisiacal destination where we can find many points of interest.

Knowing the situation of Punta Cana is essential when organizing a trip, knowing the number of kilometers we have to travel, among other details.

Throughout this text we are going to analyze the location of Punta Cana so that you can see a map and be able to locate it. Read on to find out all about it.

Where is Punta Cana located?

Punta Cana is located in the heart of the Dominican Republic. It is a large island that shares a location with Haiti and is located in the heart of the Caribbean.

Now that you know what country Punta Cana is in, you should know that specifically the Dominican Republic is located on the Island of Hispaniola, where it occupies more than 2/3 of the island in the eastern sector.

As for the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic we have the province of La Altagracia.

Being even more specific, Punta Cana is a place located in the eastern part of the province. This area is very characteristic as it is made up of a large number of paradisiacal beaches and hotel complexes. It is an area with high demand in real estate in Dominican Republic.

As for its extension, this is approximately 420 thousand square meters.

To have even more data on the location of Punta Cana, we can indicate that its coasts are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the North and by the Caribbean Sea to the South.

where is punta cana located

Other features you should know about Punta Cana

Punta Cana is considered a paradise to which many people from different parts of the world come to visit to spend a few days on vacation.

It is made up of kilometers and kilometers of beaches characterized by being very fine and having a characteristic white color. Walking on them will be like floating.

Other details that we find in this place are its coconut trees and exotic vegetation.

The temperature is approximately 25ºC throughout the year, ideal to be able to enjoy both the sun and the beach at any time.

As it is a place of so much tourist interest, in Punta Cana we can also find its own airport. This is the Punta Cana International Airport. It is estimated that it currently receives hundreds of thousands of tourists who come from anywhere in the world. Most of them are from Europe and Latin America.

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