What to do in La Romana 

What to do in La Romana   

Within the Dominican Republic, few places of great quality as La Romana, with a great tourist attraction and a wide range of leisure, attracts every year thousands of people who want to enjoy a few days resting, enjoying and touring one of the most interesting places in the Caribbean.

Visitors wondering what to do in La Romana will be able to discover a wide range of possibilities. From touring the city’s most recommended points of interest, learning about its culture and history, enjoying the views of its paradisiacal beaches, or practicing some of the most exciting water sports.

Main recommendations to do in La Romana

Cave of Wonders

One of the most recommended plans for those visiting for the first time this area of the Dominican Republic, since they will be able to enter along caves once inhabited by the Taino natives, where even today you can see paintings several thousand years old, along this cave with formations of stalagmites and stalactites.

Saona Island

Located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic, and within the National Park of the East, this destination occupies a prominent place within the things to do in La Romana if you want to know a place worthy of postcard, which extends along about twenty-five kilometers and has coral reefs, mangroves and beaches lined by palm trees as the recommended La Palmilla.

Bayahibe beach

Visiting La Romana means visiting some of its most picturesque towns and dreamy paradisiacal beaches, being Bayahibe, a few kilometers from the city, one of the most recommended sites, where you can see the beauty of its unique buildings, taste some of the dishes of its recommended cuisine and enjoy, of course, its recommended beach of white sand and turquoise waters.

Bayahibe beach 

Catalina Island

For those looking for a little more tranquility, of little more than two and a half kilometers, it is one of the perfect destinations to escape to, and one of the most recommended activities to do in La Romana, as it offers turquoise waters and fine white sand, ideal for resting and recharging batteries under the pleasant Caribbean climate.

Investment opportunity in La Romana

The area of La Romana not only has a large number of places to enjoy and get lost in, such as Bayahibe, La Caleta beach, Saona Island, Altos de Chavón, Boca de Yuma, Catalina Island, Higüey, the Chavón River or the recommended Parque Nacional del Este, among other interesting places to visit.

It also offers a wide range of activities, both for those who wish to practice water or underwater sports, as well as for those who wish to tour the beautiful places in this part of the country, one of the most recommended for investment and to rent or buy a property such as apartments or villas in one of the most privileged areas of the Dominican Republic.

Anyone who wants to enjoy an ideal place to spend the vacations, or want to own a property with a lot of tourist projection, to rent or sell in the future, can now invest in the Dominican Republic with all the guarantees offered by an area like La Romana, a reference of the most exclusive tourism in the country, which each year attracts a greater number of tourists and investors, aware of the great potential of this area of the Caribbean.