Uvero Alto a dream beach

Uvero Alto: a dream beach

It is common knowledge that the Dominican Republic is home to some of the best beaches in the world. But, among all of them, there are some that stand out for their majesty and beauty. Do you know Uvero Alto Beach? A beach with miles of soft white sand bathed by turquoise waters where tranquility and privacy prevail, today we invite you to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Punta Cana!

A beach of natural beauty

Punta Cana, a region of the Dominican Republic, is known for its 32 kilometers of beaches bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. On its northern coast we find Uvero Alto beach, which, thanks to not being so well known, has been able to preserve its virgin character. Although the tourist offer has grown in this area in recent years, it remains away from the tourist center and still remains a quieter place.

The turquoise blue of its crystal clear waters and white sand envelop you in an incomparable landscape full of coconut trees and palm trees that make this beach an idyllic place where, in addition to swimming, walking or sunbathing, you can enjoy horseback riding at sunset along the shore of its coast.

Wild waves for surf lovers

Uvero Alto beach is known for surfing, body boarding and windsurfing lovers because the winds of the area generate large waves that lovers of this sport will use to navigate with their boards and experience a large dose of adrenaline. In fact, some surf schools can be found right on the beach. Bathers, however, have to be careful with the areas away from the shore or more deserted stretches of the beach, where the wild waves are not so safe.

Uvero Alto waves

Underwater wonders

Another of the great attractions of Uvero Alto beach is what hides its infinite sea: its imposing reef. Lovers of underwater life will find an idyllic place to snorkel or dive and contemplate the corals, colorful algae and species such as isopods, mollusks, crustaceans and lots of fish. You will want time to stand still so you can stay for hours and hours in this corner of imposing majesty.

Poor infrastructure

Among the wonders of Uvero Alto beach in Punta Cana we cannot forget the lack of infrastructure around it, something that makes this Caribbean area even more idyllic. It is true that in recent years some resorts have been built around this beach but we can still consider it a quiet beach where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist cities.

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