Underwater Museum in Dominican Republic

Underwater Museum in Dominican Republic

The Underwater Museum in Dominican Republic is one of the main tourist attractions offered by this Caribbean paradise. Is about an unforgettable experience that will delight any diving lover. Do not stop visiting it! 

Underwater museum in Dominican Republic: a Taino treasure under the Atlantic Ocean 

The Underwater Museum in Dominican Republic (AKA Museo Submarino Igneri Caribe Taino) is located in Punta Cana, more specifically between the warm waters of Playa Blanca and Playa Serena.  

This underwater museum was founded in 1995 and contains 22 taino statues. They are the work of Thimo Pimentel: a renowned artist from the Dominican Republic. To access them you must dive until you reach the seabed, located at a distance of between 10 and 23 feet deep. 

The habitat in which the taino statues of the Dominican Republic are found could not be more magical and spectacular. Not in vain, his designers surrounded their sculptures with corals, in order to provide an ideal habitat for the many fish that populate this unique museum. 

The taino statues of the Dominican Republic represent the divinities worshiped by their first indigenous settlers. Such is the case of Aumatex (God of hurricanes) and Atabeira (Goddess of the waters). The sculptural ensemble also gathers figures of marine animals (such as turtles and crabs). 

In the construction of this museum of taino statues, nothing has been left to chance. A good example of this is the material with which the figures have been made: lightened and reinforced ferrocement based on mono-fibrillated fibers. Thanks to this, optimal resistance to the action of salt water is achieved.  

This underwater museum is one of the most ambitious cultural projects in Punta Cana. Certainly, it hopes to house more than 500 works to become the largest underwater sculpture complex in the world. Undoubtedly, these Taino statues are excellent ambassadors of the local culture and allow diversifying the country’s interesting tourist offer. 

Definitely, the Igneri Caribe Taíno Submarine Museum confirms the suitability of Punta Cana as a first-class tourist destination. Come and enjoy this and many other tourist attractions by investing in real estate in the Dominican Republic with the aid of Blue Caribbean. We are waiting for you!