Top Restaurants In Punta Cana

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Dominican cuisine has characteristics of Creole food, mixed with African and Arabic influences. A traditional dish—called the Flag—consists of white rice, stewed beans and chicken, pork or beef depending on your preference. However, Creole isn’t the only cuisine that the Dominican Republic has to offer. Punta Cana presents an assortment of incredible restaurants offering traditional, international and gourmet foods. as Eat Punta Cana says take your tastebuds on a vacation and check out the cream of the Punta Cana restaurant crop.
Bachata Rosa is a colorful restaurant in Punta Cana (15 minutes from Cap Cana and 20 minutes from Bavaro) that offers beautiful balconies, colonial lanterns, musical instruments and different decor on every level. The atmosphere pays homage to Juan Luis Guerra and his beloved music. It has a creative, delicate, tropical menu inspired by Guerra’s songs. Guests will savor the restaurant’s elegance, perfect execution and balance.
As you ascend each level of the restaurant, you will enjoy the experience of taking in the unique environment and scenery. If you are a fan of Juan Luis Guerra, Bachata Rosa should be at the very top of your list. We recommend the classic Dominican Yaniqueque or the Cheese Wheel Spaghetti, which is a pasta dish prepared inside a giant wheel of parmesan cheese. Both dishes are absolutely delicious!


This restaurant is part of our list for several reasons. The unbeatable location couldn’t possibly be more perfect. Eat, drink and relax while enjoying the sounds of the waves and the refreshing sea breeze. Although the prices are on the higher end, the quality of the food is simply divine. Located in the Caleton Beach Club, La Palapa specializes in seafood and uses the freshest ingredients. The menu embraces the abundance of fresh fish and offers seafood dishes such as sushi, ceviche, and handmade pastas. La Palapa takes on a sophisticated fusion approach to food, which blends Mediterranean favorites with traditional Caribbean cuisine. It is “must try” for all seafood lovers!
Nakamura offers world-class Nikkei cuisine, which combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisine to create dishes that are sure to satisfy every palate. Nakamura is located inside Cap Cana and has been awarded by the International Gastronomy Association – Chaine de Rotisseurs, which celebrates gastronomy and deems it a beautiful art that transcends language barriers, makes friends among people from different cultures and warm’s one’s heart. Come to Nakamura for the atmosphere and the best sushi in the area!
La Yola is a dream oasis designed to embrace every inch of its panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. La Yola belongs to the five-diamond Tortuga Bay Hotel. If the view wasn’t enough, the food is unbeatable. The menu incorporates a variety of dishes ranging from 100% Dominican cuisine, to internationally inspired specialties. The fish and seafood are incredibly fresh and delicately prepared by world-renowned chefs. La Yola’s atmosphere is absolutely one-of-a-kind!
A restaurant of excellence, tradition, elegance and quality in customer service, Lorenzillo’s has it all. Coming from the Mexican Caribbean, this restaurant specializes in the best seafood and live lobster in Punta Cana. However, the blue lagoon surrounding the patio is what you may appreciate the most. Sit back, relax and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets that Punta Cana has to offer. If we could only recommend one dish at Lorenzillo’s, the lobster is our top choice!
6.- NOAH
Noah is a gourmet restaurant with a varied international a la cate menu and offers something for every palate. You can find everything from fresh baked wood fired pizzas, to Italian pastas, fresh rolled sushi and traditional Dominican dishes. This pick is the most economical on our list in terms of value vs. cost. The atmosphere is modern and eclectic, with tasteful music. If you’re in Punta Cana, you can’t miss it!

This pick is our personal favorite for breakfast, but it is open all day long. Grace House embraces a rustic, laid-back atmosphere with the best mimosas in town. If you’re looking for breakfast, try the fluffy pancakes with Nutella and plantains. The lunch and dinner menus include Italian, Mediterranean and classic Dominican dishes—all handmade with local ingredients. The staff is phenomenal and the owners are the kindest people you will ever meet. More often than not, you will find them serving food or in the kitchen. They take a hands-on approach to their business and their passion can be seen in all that they do. Grace House also hosts local bands and musicians in the evenings for dancing and fun!

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