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Living in Santo Domingo: warmth, sea, culture and job opportunities

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic, one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean, the most populated city in the country, and one of the twenty most populated cities in Latin America. Do you want to know all the advantages of living in Santo Domingo? Today we tell you everything you will find in the most modern and dynamic metropolis in the Caribbean!

Climate: Hot all year round

If you are a lover of good weather, living in Santo Domingo is undoubtedly your best option. The city’s average temperature ranges between 25ºC and 30ºC, with a predominantly tropical climate. Walk along the Malecón at sunset or savor a delicious lunch in the green spaces of the National Botanical Garden, the largest in the Caribbean. On your walks in the sun you will also find the Parque de la Independencia, the Parque Mirador del Este or the Plaza de la Misericordia, places to enjoy the good weather.

A bike ride will allow you to discover the most authentic heart of the city. Don’t forget that another way to get around Santo Domingo is by minibus or ‘guaguas’, motoconcho or motorcycle cab, Dominican cab, metro or cable car, as well as by car.

Great cultural legacy: the first Spanish headquarters in the New World

Founded by Bartholomew Columbus in 1496 and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990, Santo Domingo was the first seat of the Spanish colonial government in the New World. The Taino Indians had previously inhabited these lands. The fruit of this melting pot of cultures is the history that can be seen in its neighborhoods. The historic area is composed of a labyrinth of narrow streets where we find architectural heritage dating from the sixteenth century and colonial buildings converted into museums, stores, or restaurants.

Other highlights include the Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the Church of Las Mercedes, the Catedral Primada de América and the Casa de los Trinitarios. To enjoy the art, we can visit the Duarte House Museum, the Memorial Museum of the Dominican Resistance, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Bellapart Museum. In addition, Santo Domingo perfectly combines the old and the new, with a multitude of art galleries and cultural spaces.

The sea: crystal clear waters and white sand

The crystal clear waters that bathe the cities of the Caribbean are well known. Fine white sand surrounded by coconut trees and colorful reefs that will surely fascinate you. Some of the best beaches to be found in Santo Domingo are Boca Chica Beach, El Macao Beach, San Rafael Beach, Las Terrenas Beach, and Caleton Beach.

Gastronomy: the colorfulness of its fruits

The exquisiteness of Dominican gastronomy made Santo Domingo in 2019 the Gastronomic Cultural Capital of the Caribbean, which, while maintaining its roots, has managed to evolve with large doses of creativity. Among its dishes, the Dominican sancocho, locrio, bandera, asopao or quipe stand out. But we cannot forget to mention its tropical fruits, such as mango, tamarind, guava, or carambola. A mixture of flavors with recipes that combine the best of the culinary tradition of the people who have inhabited the city.

Gastronomy santo domingo

Job opportunities: tourist city par excellence

Santo Domingo, in addition to being the capital of the Dominican Republic, is its economic center and a tourist and business city where major hotel chains and important fashion firms are based, as well as important foreign companies. In the last decades, the city has experienced important growth due to its developed and diversified economy, where the command of the Spanish language is crucial to finding a job opportunity.

Remember that it is also essential to have a residence visa to be able to work in the Dominican Republic. And, among the best areas to live in Santo Domingo, we highlight the Colonial City, Ensache de la Fe, San Carlos, Los Canelos, and Costa Verde. The cost of living in Santo Domingo is lower than in European capitals, so investing in the city can be a good option for your finances.

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