Is Punta Cana Safe? What Travelers Need to Know

Is Punta Cana safe? This question haunts the minds of many planning to buy Caribbean real estate.

Punta Cana: a safe paradise

It is important to consider that since Punta Cana is an important tourist destination, the safety of its inhabitants and visitors is a priority.

In fact, we want to highlight three main reasons why Punta Cana is safe.

  1. Economic development: Unlike other South American countries, the Dominican Republic stands out for its growing economy and political stability. The risk of social unrest or terrorist attacks is therefore highly unlikely.
  2. Low crime rate: Crime rate in this country is 2 per 100,000 inhabitants, showing that the exceptional cases of violence displayed in the media are the exception rather than the rule. Minimal safety precautions are always advisable.
  3. Health and safety measures and COVID-related policies: the flawless management of the COVID crisis allows us to affirm that it is safe to go to Punta Cana. As part of the measures implemented, airports are required to offer the latest proactive and protective measures against coronavirus. Visitors should have health insurance coverage.

In addition to the above, the US ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Robin S. Bernstein, confirmed that it is safe to go to Punta Cana. US citizens visiting or purchasing Punta Cana real estate have no reason to feel uneasy.

You can confirm this safety by seeing how profitable Punta Cana’s market is. Despite the pandemic, the Minister of Tourism has confirmed that tourism grew 150% this November and Punta Cana is receiving 22 flights per day.

Invest in Punta Cana safely

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