Fun facts about the Dominican Republic

The DR delights visitors with its mix of white-sand beaches and “gingerbread” Victorian architecture. Nine hundred miles of Caribbean coastline make the Hispaniola Island country a beach-lover’s paradise. Day-trip to Puerto Plata and ride the cable car up Mount Isabel de Torres, or groove to the steel drum beats of Cabarete nightlife. The breezy palms and sparkling waters of Punta Cana make it a true tropical paradise. We thought we would share a couple of random facts about our favorite Caribbean Island.

Fun facts about the Dominican Republic

Fact 1
The Dominican Republic comprises of 31 provinces which are further divided into municipalities. It is the second largest nation in the Caribbean.

Fact 2
The capital is Santo Domingo which is the oldest permanent settlement in the Western Hemisphere that was founded in 1496.

Fact 3
The official language spoken in the Dominican Republic is Spanish although English, Italian, French and German are also spoken all over the country.


Fact 4
The country got its independence on August 16, 1865. It is known as the bread basket of the Caribbean because it grows farms and catches almost everything that is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fact 5
The national game of the country is baseball. Some of the world’s best baseball players are Dominicans.

Fact 6
The country experiences a tropical climate with seasonal changes in temperature. Rainfall varies according to seasons.

Fact 7
The Dominican Republic is noted for the invention of the ‘merengue’ style of music which is all about fast-paced dance music.

Fact 8
Coffee is a national non-alcoholic drink and the most popular Dominican coffee is Cafe Santo Domingo. This country is one of the top ten producers of cocoa in the world.

Fact 9
The Dominical Republic has its own currency called the Dominican peso.

Fact 10
Catholicism is the predominant religion current in the Dominican Republic.