El Cortecito Punta Cana

El Cortecito Punta Cana

El Cortecito in Punta Cana is one of the main tourist attractions in the Caribbean country. It is a perfect place to sunbathe and relax by the sea!

El Cortecito was a coastal town inhabited by fishermen. In recent times, it has left intensive fishing activity behind to become one of the tourist engines of Punta Cana.

Where is El Cortecito beach located?

Nestled on the Coconut´s Coast and surrounded by palm trees, El Cortecito is located north of the famous Bávaro Beach in the town of Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). It is a very lively beach with white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters.

The wonderful climate that El Cortecito has throughout the year (22-30ºC and only 11 days of rain) make it perfect to enjoy the sun and the beach. Diving into its warm waters is a real joy! In addition, it stands out for its careful cleaning, its great security and its ease of parking.

What to do in El Cortecito Punta Cana?

El Cortecito Punta Cana is divided into two sections: one for public use and another reserved for hotels and resorts. Restaurants, discos and shops add a very pleasant atmosphere to this little corner of the Caribbean.

El Cortecito beach in the Dominican Republic is perfect for diving and snorkelling. In fact, it has courses and tours so you can enter the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The gastronomic offer of El Cortecito beach is enormously varied. It is ideal to taste delicious dishes and snacks from all the countries of the world for an affordable price! Special mention should be made of its exclusive Captain Cook and Las Langostas del Caribe restaurants, where you can pamper your palate with the best fresh seafood on its beaches.

El Cortecito Beach vs Bávaro Beach

Although Bávaro Beach is the flagship of Dominican beaches, El Cortecito is another of the most popular beaches in Punta Cana. In fact, many prefer it because it still retains the charm of its fishing past, being ideal to buy handicrafts or eat the delicious local seafood.

Another difference between El Cortecito and Bávaro Beach is the softness of their waves. Consequently, the old fishing village represents a highly recommended enclave for families with children.

Investment near El Cortecito

In short, the sector of real estate in El Cortecito Punta Cana is one more reason to make profitable investments in the Dominican Republic. We are sure that in Blue Caribbean‘s extensive portfolio you will find the perfect villas and condos to enjoy this wonderful paradise.