Dominican Republic culture

Dominican Republic culture and People

The charm of Punta Cana goes far beyond its upscale neighborhoods and paradisiacal beaches. The rich the Dominican Republic culture and the welcoming character of its people make this Caribbean country one of the most desired by tourists from around the world. Join to us to know it better! 

What is the Dominican Republic culture like? 

Dominican Republic history and culture is based on the eclecticism of the most diverse peoples. The result of this is a mixture of rites, music, dances and customs whose richness has been attracting all kinds of travelers for centuries. 

Although the Dominican Republic is a nation strongly installed in modernity, its inhabitants do not forget the Taíno cultural legacy. In addition, Dominican customs and traditions have been strongly influenced by Africa, Asia, and Europe. Consequently, it is one of the Caribbean countries with the greatest cultural heritage. 

What are some traditions in the Dominican Republic? 

  • Dominican Republic peopleMusic is very important in the Dominican Republic culture. His most distinctive and influential musical genres are merengue (played with accordion, tambora and güira) and bachata.
  • The dances are also closely linked to the Dominican Republic history and culture. Whether they are of religious origin (such as the congo or the zarandunga), whether they are secular (such as the pri-prí or the “perico ripiao”), these dances are an indissoluble part of their unmistakable cultural legacy. 
  • The carnival and its colorful parades reflect very well the cultural richness of the Dominican Republic. In particular, Taino, African and European roots are felt. 

How are the Dominican Republic people? 

The Dominican Republic people are famous for their passionate and friendly character. It is precisely that personality full of energy and magnetism that seduces everyone who comes to the island. 

The Dominicans are Tainos descendants : brave pre-Columbian indigenous people who stood out for their mastery of agriculture and crafts. Several of its caciques (like Caonabo) fought valiantly against the spanish colonization. 

The Taino religion, based on polytheistic and animistic beliefs, strongly inspired the Dominican Republic history and culture. The spirits were represented by sculptures (cemíes) and communication with them was carried out through the Cohoba rite. 

It is still possible to discover some vestige of Tainos in the Dominican Republic. In particular, the pictographs and petroglyphs that this civilization left in caves such as Samaná, Bayahibe or San Cristóbal are very interesting. We can also find samples of their civilization in some museums in the Caribbean country. 

The welcoming personality that characterizes the Dominican Republic people brought a great flow of immigrants to the island in the 19th and 20th centuries. Africans, Jews, Japanese, Italians, French, Syrians, and Lebanese are just some of the cultures that make up this harmonious melting pot of civilizations. 

Definitely, the people and the Dominican Republic culture makes it one of the most appreciated caribbean destinations not only for tourism but also to reside permanently.