Cueva de las Maravillas

Cueva de las Maravillas

The “Caves of Wonders” is an unprecedented point of interest that is located between Saint Pedro de Macoris and La Romana.

If you haven’t visited them yet, this article interests you:

What are the Caves of Wonders?

The Cave of Wonders is a protected area located on the island of Hispaniola, specifically in the Dominican Republic.

It is located within the Cueva de las Maravillas National Park and is named after the characteristic cave found there (before 1949, its name was Cueva Jagual). The name was assigned by Professor Francisco Richiez Acevero when he was impressed by the beautiful manifestations found inside.

It has a length of about 800 meters and is located 25 meters below ground. Inside it is possible to find some 500 engravings and paintings on the walls, the vast majority having been created in black and red.

According to the data we have, in the cave it is possible to find 10 engravings on rocks (what is known as petroglyphs) and 427 paintings on the walls (this artistic manifestation is known as pictography).

Of these pictographs, 135 are of human faces, 41 human and animal, 18 only animals, 18 geometric and the rest human and geometric.

What points of interest are there in the Cueva de las Maravillas National Park?

In this place there are many points of interest that the visitor should visit.

  • In the pictographic gallery it is possible to find the manifestations that we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  • Another point of interest is The Great Panel. In this area it is possible to find a cave painting that was created by the Tainos. It is clear that the painting represents a funeral ritual.
  • We will also find the Water Mirror. It is an artificial lake where you can see the upper part of the cave, as if it were a mirror.

As a fact of interest, this place was declared a National Park on July 22, 1997, becoming a relevant point for any traveler.