Cayo Arena Dominican Republic

Cayo Arena. A Dominican jewel

Imagine a tiny island of fine sand, surrounded by the blue ocean, full of tropical fish, sunny and almost deserted… Well, stop imagining and come to visit it , because all that is what you will find in Cayo Arena, a jewel in the Dominican Republic.

Where is Cayo Arena?

Just 25 minutes by boat from the coast of Punta Rucia in Puerto Plata, in one of the most beautiful areas of the entire Dominican Republic, we have this hidden treasure.

How to get to Cayo Arena?

The only way to get to this paradisiacal island is by boat. Local tour operators have round-trip tours from Puerto Plata, which usually include snorkeling equipment.

The prices of the tours vary depending on each tour operator, but an average price would be around $ 90 US

You can also arrive with your own boat if you are a priviliged person who owns one.

Things of interest in Cayo Arena

The small island itself is already a paradise, but the day trip to visit it is quite an experience.

Once there you can sunbathe on its fine sand, snorkel in a coral reef with an impressive school of tropical fish, take a bath in its crystal clear waters in which you will fell in a natural pool or have some tropical fruits and a drink.

During the journey you will be able to see the mangrove, birdwatching and enjoy the ocean.

Things you should bring in your daytrip to Cayo Arena

It is not that we need to prepare this excursion as if we were going to climb Everest, since it is a simple tour, but there are some things that we have to take with us to enjoy the trip and avoid a negative experience.

  • Swimsuit. It’s pretty obvious, but sometimes people forget that it’s a beach tour. If you want to enjoy the excursion to the fullest you will need to bring a swimsuit.
  • Snorkeling equipment. Normally the tour operators already include it in the tour, but if you have your own equipment is a good idea to take it with you.
  • Sunscreen. The Caribbean sun is intense, so if we don’t want to suffer sunburns, don’t forget your sunscreen. If it is bio degradable, much better in order not to damage the coral reef.
  • Camera. If it is an underwater camera much better, just to be able to take videos or photos of the impressive school of tropical fish.

And, if after visit Cayo Arena you want to stay there forever, just check about available properties on Blue Caribbean website.