Invest safely in Dominican Republic

Buying house safely in Dominican Republic

Experts say that now is a good time to buy a home. Some areas are more interesting than others: for example, investing in the Dominican Republic can be very interesting.

Now, buying without doing the relevant analysis can be a big mistake. It is important to do some thinking before taking any false steps.

If you still don’t know how to buy a home safely, this interests you:

Tips for buying a home safely

1. Initial financial investigation

The first thing you should do is start to honestly analyze your financial situation. We will take into account our income and the capital we have to give the entry.

The good news is that mortgage interest rates have dropped quite a bit, so we can find interesting offers if we know how to search.

However, the demand for a mortgage has also increased: banks will check our credit history in detail and ask us for very detailed requirements.

2. Set realistic expectations

We all know what we earn and what our ability to save is. To request a mortgage we will have to have saved a minimum of 20% of its value. In addition, we must have enough capital to pay taxes and any other type of expense.

It is important to be realistic and do the calculations to know what home we can buy. We can help ourselves from a good real estate agency in the Dominican Republic, such as Blue Caribbean Properties, to help us find a home that really suits our possibilities.

Think like a investor in dominican republic

3. Think like an investor

You must think about the profitability that you are going to obtain with the investment, in addition to taking into account other criteria such as risk and the repayment term.

The profitability will be calculated based on what is obtained if you decide to rent it, subtracting the costs of taxes and maintenance.

A good idea is to study what the trajectory of the land value has been in recent years, to determine if it follows an upward or downward trend.

4. Be very mindful of the location

The property will gain a lot of value if it is located in a central area, close to schools, hospitals, supermarkets and different means of transportation.

Do not forget the location, since it can be definitive to achieve a good investment.

5. Look for pre-approved credits

Many banks will study your credit in record time and pre-approve it. It does not mean that they will give it to you yes or yes, but the chances of obtaining it will be much higher.

Search for these credits and provide all the documentation requested.

6. Long-term investments

Also, always keep in mind that buying a home is a long-term investment. You must buy with the perspective of selling it in a minimum of 5 years.

Keep these tips in mind and you will know how to buy a home safely.