Basilica of Higüey

Basilica of Higüey in La Altagracia

Did you know that the Basilica of Higüey is the most important temple in the Dominican Republic? In fact, it is one of the shrines with the highest influx of faithful in the entire Caribbean. Don’t miss out on visiting this incredible sample of religious architecture!

Basilica of Higüey: A jewel of religious art in La Altagracia

The Basilica of Higüey (AKA basílica-catedral Our Lady from Altagracia) is a religious temple that immediately draws attention for its impressive architecture of rationalist and brutalist tendencies. Special mention deserves its immense elongated arches, created to emulate the Virgin in an attitude of prayer.

Located just 36 minutes by car from Punta Cana, this Basilica was built to replace the old sanctuary that the Virgin had in 1572. After 17 years of construction, the temple stayed completely finished on January 21, 1971.

5 things you didn’t know about the Basilica of Our Lady in the Dominican Republic

  • Its main door is made of bronze and has a 24K gold bath.
  • The top of its highest arch housed a cross that, after its destruction by meteorological causes in 1979, was replaced in 2014.
  • The interior of the temple houses a statue of the Virgin of Altagracia from Higüey: the first evangelizer of America.
  • Its bell tower is composed of 45 bells made of bronze.
  • John Paul II blessed the Basilica of Our Lady of the Dominican Republic in 1979 and crowned the Virgin with a silver gilt diadem in 1992.

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